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Color is all around us. Neutral colors, strong colors, they jump from every corner of our surroundings. Impossible to miss, dancing in front of our eyes, just floating.

The clouds are inspired in the color splashes that are our first attempts to express ourselves as children; they are part of our earliest memories and explorations.

I have gone back to that experimentation. First in the glass textiles and now in a larger scale in the floating wall installations. The color splashes grew in size, became hollow sometimes, began to grow appendixes, started moving along walls and ceilings. They acquired a life of their own.

Space is there to conquer, to colonize. Movement gives cadence to this growing colonies formed by organic elements that duplicate themselves on the bare wall. The shadows they cast become ghosts dancing under the splash. Are the shadows the leading figures in this play?  That remains to be found…

Light is the source that gives life to this experience.

anamaria-5974 copy.jpg
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