1962. Architect, art lover, traveller, family person. 

Ever since I have been making art, I have had several investigations going on. I continue to explore all of them, some times simultaneously, or one or two at a time. I explore colors, the way they relate to each other, I explore movement and flow, the liquid characteristics of glass. I explore textiles and how I can translate it’s qualities to glass. I explore light.

My Background in architecture helps me integrate my pieces and installations to architectural spaces. My training in glass has been at Pilchuck glass school where I learned kilncasting with Susan Balshor and Carol Milne. Going to BECONS at Bullseye glass in Portland, Oregon has been an important part of my formation. Taking workshops with Richard Parrish, Narcissus Quagliata and Silvia Levenson has broadened my vision of glass art and it's possibilities. The most important part has been the practice, the endless experimentation and above all the WHAT IF?.




"Each one of Ana Maria's sculptures, is a galaxy to be explored. Each color hue or bubble contained within the weightlessness of glass, suggests infinite possibilities of contemplation and reflection. Bubbles are stones of a road, imaginary paths to her tranquility, to herself, and is her color, the impetuous volcano that drives and submerges us into the original fire."

Ilich Rodriguez Coronel

Curator, art critic, museologist.






"In their mobile, yet captured forms in immaterial space and the harmony of the contrasts within a range or spectrum of colors, Nava’s sculptures emphasize pure beauty as concept. The viewer is submerged in a visual journey of prisms and reflections, producing an essential connection with what is invisible in the Universe. The sculptor Ana Maria Nava has created an important place for her work in New Venezuelan Art".

Dr. Milagros Bello

Curator and Art Critic

AICA Member